In an effort to keep both humans and animals safe, the mission of the DEWS program is to reduce the risk of negative encounters with dogs by establishing a safety system using bandanas in the colors of traffic lights, making it easy for young children to understand. These colors alert oncoming pedestrians and teach the public that no dog should be approached without first asking for permission from the dog’s owner.

The DEWS program is not meant to label a dog as being “good” or “bad.” DEWS was created to give responsible dog owners an opportunity to indicate from a distance how their dog must be approached. However, the owner continues to remain responsible for incident involving their dog even if they have been careful to use this program to inform pedestrians and other dog owners prior to an encounter.

An owner may chose to have all three colors of bandanas to use at various times for the same dog. The bandana chosen for their walk that day depends on the way they want people to approach their dog, for their own reasons.

“DEWS is a marvelous, well-needed and long-overdue project.” Dr. Ian Dunbar

DISCLAIMER: the information on the Dog Early Warning System (D.E.W.S.) program is provided as a service by A Pet's Pantry Society (the company). The Company makes no warranties or representations regarding the effectiveness of the D.E.W.S. program or the accuracy of a particular bandana color. The Company assumes no responsibility and shall not be held liable for any injuries, loss or damage to any animal or individual which may occur as a result of using the D.E.W.S. program.